How to start your projects with us

take some time and get us to assess the threats and challenges you feel facing with your ideas or digital products. Well prepared by your answers filled in upfront in a structured questionnaire, we will set up the workshop agenda in order to provide first results and operationalize  your strategic approach. After this workshop you will get a plan covering measures, priorities, ressources and timelines. As sparring partner we will give you feedback to ideas, concepts, product profiles or challenge advanced questions concerning your business modell or the choosen regulatory pathes in order to drive your business and unleash market potential of your products. Sounds interesting? So, let´s start!

Strategy Consulting

You would like to assess you competitive market environment and define the unique selling propostion (USP) of your digital product? You want to identify and verify the unmet needs of your target group and structure the whole stakeholder landscape involved in the patient journey you wish to get improved?

Competitive Landscape

You would like to increase adoption of your product, forster acceptance of users, healthcare professionals and payers alike? What are you pain points?  

Unmet Needs

You are looking for a solid strategy to access the highly regulated healthcare market with you digital product?

Regulatory requirements

Market Access

You need experts to set up the technical file for your digital product to get approval and sell the product as medical device in the European Union (SaMD = Software as Medical Device) and get it reimbursed by statutory health insurances in Germany as so-called DiGA?

Technical File

You are looking for the best sustainable Business Model driving competitive advantage and for a solid assessment of health economic aspects relevant to set up a convincing pricing strategy. Let us discuss the best Market Access option for your digital product!

Business Model

You would like to evaluate the value of your digital intervention as smart and as efficient and convincing as possible?


Tailwind for digital health innovations

You are looking for strong business or research partners?


You are itending to inspire your users with confincing use cases on how your digital product makes people lifes better, and how you will facilitate working load of physicians and care givers and why your innovation definitely deserves a central role in an improved patient journey?