Digital Health Experts
for Pharma, MedTech, Payers & Service Providers

As consulting professionals, we help small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and medtech companies as well as startups that want to gain a foothold in the healthcare market to pave the way for beneficial digital healthcare innovations.

In a highly regulated market environment with many interest groups, the benefit of a digital innovation is a central success factor. That is why we illuminate the treatment pathways together with our customers and enter into a conversation with all parties involved and reach a common understanding. This creates acceptance for your products!

  • From the idea to the competitive product profile: Book a workshop with us.
  • Take the next steps towards product development, business model and market success.
  • Screen market environment and stakeholders, know competitive situation
  • Elaborate unique selling propositions of your product
  • Validly assess Unmet Needs for your target group
  • Because benefits determine the acceptance of your digital product, we think of benefits as broadly as possible.
  • What is the best way to measure benefit: Smart, efficient, convincing!
  • What is the benefit of your product for therapists, users and payers?
  • Incorporate clinical evidence & real world evidence.
  • Identify & use digital biomarkers
  • Developing a sustainable business model and identifying the best market access option
  • We guide you on the path that best fits your digital product: DiGA, SGV V140a, ZPP certification, DiPA, or B2C market.
  • Is your software a medical device (Software as Medical Device = SaMD)?
  • Which risk class does your product have and what does this mean for market access routes?
  • User requirements,  medical purpose, risk classification - we help you on the way to a CE-certified digital medical device.
  • We create tailwinds through strategic alliances.
  • We find alliance partners with funding, market access to the target group, access to research institution, access to patients and stakeholder groups.
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