For more than 20 exciting years, we as "sanaworker" have been shaping the healthcare market, which has changed fundamentally during this time. Our offering has grown over the years, focusing on digital health and the changing needs in the market environment of pharmaceutical, medtech and life science companies and a vibrant healthtech landscape. Together, we want to exploit the opportunities of digitalization: More quality, efficiency, participation and relevance in prevention, diagnostics, therapy and research as well as in communication and training! Yesterday, today and tomorrow, we are shaping the future with a lot of expertise, a large portion of curiosity and a spirit of research with the firm goal of making the care of citizens and patients a little better.
It has never been more exciting!

Here are some projects from our very individual development path!

Spotlight on projects & services

Having started in the pre-digital age with medical education services for pharmaceutical companies and prevention concepts for vaccine manufacturers, we have been actively involved for many years in improving communication in the healthcare sector between prescribers and companies, between doctors and patients, between research and industry. The digital possibilities have grown dynamically, with methods of artificial intelligence we can set new standards in research, teaching, diagnostics and therapy from the growing amount of data with Large Language Models (LLM), innovations help to reduce the high bureaucratic burden and find answers to the shortage of specialists in healthcare and nursing.

We remain convinced that digitalization puts the patient more at the center of care and opens up new opportunities to strengthen the health literacy of citizens and patients and to involve them more actively in processes and decisions. This strengthens self-efficacy and empowers patients to maintain their health better than before, making them decision-makers and increasing their chances of better prevention and early risk detection, as well as personalized diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

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